<body bgcolor="#000000"> Jesse DeFranco - Trumpet

Name: Jesse DeFranco

Age: 19 bd aug 23 1982 (just because i'm the oldest dont expect me to be the maturest)

Hometown: where ever my head falls for the night

Favorite bands: Green Day, The Slackers,The Pietasters, The stubborn All-stars, Sublime, King Tubby and The Soul Syndicates, Eek-A-Mouse, Frank Sinatra, Dj Frankie Bones, Dj Dara, Snoop Dogg, Outcast, and Eric Cartman

Favorite movies... The Princess Bride, Young Guns I&II, American History X, Better Off Dead, and The Breakfest Club

Best Girl: hahahaha very single....very very very single....damn it

Place of employment: Prodontic Labs...you guess what i do there

Equipment: Bach Strad.....and the famous ska horn
Fav Saying: "the only thing worse then being witty is not to be witty"

AOL IM.... Tazurak