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Greg "Harpo (ya little bear)" Detwiler

ohhh.. he's hot

There was no (heavy) influence of drugs in this picture.

NAME: Greggy-D, greg, gregory

AGE: 18 B-day: janurary 29, 1984

OCCUPATION: doing shit at pizza hut, cook at waldron's restaurant with spaz(weekend's EATING OUT calls it "home cooked meals just like mom's (and i'm the one cooking it, hehe))

EQUIPMENT I USE: i play with a white 5 piece remo acoustian SX set (thats 12", 13", 16" toms, 22" kick drum, 14" picolo snare, all with remo heads) and i use zildjian, sabian, paiste, and camber cymbals, with some misc. hardware, like gibralter, mapex, pssshhh.

BANDS I LIKE: hmm, Pink Floyd, Phish, Sublime, Reel big fish, catch 22, greenday, weezer, grateful dead, snoop doggy dogg, the mighty mighty bosstones, dr. dre, bone thugs n harmony, nirvana, less than jake, kottonmouth kings, AC-DC, guns n roses, some blink 182, goldfinger, the pilfers, the ramones, rancid, fishbone, run DMC, and some more.

SOME SHIT YOU MIGHT WANNA KNOW: I LOVE Clare, i LOVE eating (the goonies ALWAYS except food donations), i like taco bell, i like empire hots (anything w/a trash plate), i like movies like: half-baked, cheech and chong's up in smoke, road trip, fight club, animal house, etc., i like mountain dew, i like SNOWBOARDING and SKIING, i like playing drums and guitar, i like going to concerts, i like partyin, and i really really like eating foods.

AOL Instant Messenger: Hndsmpete4

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