Gerry (The Body) Weissinger


Weight-275lbs (muscle, not fat)

Favorite Sports-Basketball, track and field, football (maybe)

Favorite movies-American Pie, Varsity Blues, and The Goonies.

Favorite TV shows-Dragonball Z.

Favorite food-Anything that doesnt move.

Occupation-Hit man/bouncer.

Favorite Quote-Do not judge a book by its cover. Those of you who do not understand, do not deserve to understand what that means.

I am large and I am the bouncer for the Goonies, do not mess with them or you will find yourself at the painful end of my fist, understand? Those of you who know me know the truth about me. Actually I am quite a gentle person by nature, but when I get provoked or angry, DONT GET IN MY WAY!!!

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