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FRO Sex God

(no acctual drinking took place durring the shooting of this picture)

NAME: Fro, nothin more, nothin less

AGE: 18

B-day: october 14, 1983

HOME: i got kicked out of my house

Favorite movies: Animal House, Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie ("The Secret Government Eggo Project") and of coarse fight club.

Favorite Bands: Mustard Plug, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Five Iron Frenzy, Sublime, Goldfinger, Korn, Limp Bizkit, bone thugs and harmony, and lots of other rappers

Occupation: Wegmans little bitch boy, its mad fun... wait no its not.

Sports: Lacrosse

Favorite Quote:"shit Happens"

Favorite Saying: Shit Happens, Thats Fucking Dirty.

Best girl: single and loving it.

HEY HEY, whats up every one im fro, i play the Alto Saxaphone/ugly machine and i suck at it, but i can do some back up vocals, so i guess i add something to the band. well i dont have anything else to say so im out... and my sn name is FROman6969, for i.m.,if you give a shit. later

Peace out.


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