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"Initial Hemin Results Are In and Look Good"..... Now on to a Delivery System


FIND-A-CURE for Children with Duchenne, Inc. Newsletter, December 1999

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The last pieces of raw data from the initial clinical trials, funded by FIND-A-CURE for Children with Duchenne, Inc. and conducted through a collaborative agreement with A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware and the University of Missouri, were received and analyzed earlier this year.


Researchers had discovered that dogs that were afflicted with Duchenne and received the Hemin as a treatment, showed between a 10 to 25% superior strength level when compared to Duchenne dogs that had not received any treatment. This was as amazing result considering only 5% of the intravenous ad administered hemin compound reached the test area of the leg.


How to Deliver


Dr. Judy Childs and Dr. Vicky Funanage expressed that the tested flexor and extensor muscles in the hind quarter leg resulted in significant and exiting" results which paved the way for the next step to slow the disease. 


"The method of delivery of hemin for these initial trials was through intravenous administration (IV). Consequently, the liver absorbed almost 95% of the compound. This strongly indicates that if a greater portion of the administered dosage could reach affected Duchenne muscle tissue, even more dramatic results could be realized. The next problem to tackle is the delivery methodology.", Dr. Childs said.


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