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    Below is a vintage photo of TEAZE!
    I had this cut out from my Japanese Rock magazine.

    If you have any info of TEAZE that you would like to share
    with me or would like me to add on my site, please email me.
    Thank you!

      Organized in 1975 in Windsor, Ontario, Teaze played the local club circuit but success at home was hard to achieve. In 1978 they traveled to Japan and were instant stars. Their ten day tour of Japan was comparable to the Beatles' tour of the U.S.A. in 1964.

      Teazemania did not occur in Canada, however. Although Teaze signed a contract with Aquarius Records in 1977, the response to their debut album was disappointing. Two years later, they moved their base of operations from Windsor to Montreal. Of all their single releases, their only national hit was Sweet Misery.

      This four-man unit makes no bones about hard rocking and they do it well. The unit consists of lead and slide guitars, bass, guitars, drums, percussion and moog bass pedals. Members Mark Bradac and Brian Danter handle lead vocals. Most of the tunes are uptempo and contain a biting, raw and electric quality. Best cuts from the album, One Night Stands: "Back In Action," "Young And Reckless," "Boys Nite Out," "Through The Years," "Red Hot Ready."