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Meeting Mark Bradac!




★☆ Mark Bradac ★☆

The above photo of Mark was given to me by Mark in a letter he wrote to me.
He addressed it to me and signed his autograph on the back of the photo.

    It all started in the fall of 1978 in Japan. TEAZE came to Japan for their 10-day tour. They stopped in Osaka, as it is the nation's second biggest city. I was 17 years old and a Gr.12 student at the local Christian High School. The next few years of my college life, TEAZE certainly kept me rockin' wild.

    It was one nice fall morning 23 years ago. I took the first train and rushed to the Ongakusha Music Office to seize my TEAZE ticket. When I arrived there, it was barely 6:00 AM. There were already lots of people waiting in line, as they slept there from the night before.

    I wanted to get a seat right in front of my favorite guitarist, Mark Bradac. But when my turn finally came, where I wanted was all sold out. I had to make a quick decision. Should I get a seat way further back but still in the direction of Mark? Or no matter where, just get a first row ticket where I can feel him closer?

    The first row ticket sounded more thrilling to me. I bought the ticket A-16, which was the 16th seat from the left in the first row.

    What an exciting concert it was! I can still see Mark coming right to the edge of the stage and showing off his cool guitar act right in front of my eyes just like it was yesterday. He smiled at me and winked. It felt like a dream!

    Their concert was the best one that has stayed in my heart for all these 20 years of my life. They were totally hot and we Japanese hard rock fans had a great taste to recognize them as one of the coolest bands of that time.

    In my mind, I can still hear Brian’s strong amazing voice, Mike’s powerful drums, Chuck’s excellent guitar and most importantly the ecstatically wonderful sound of the guitar played by Mark, what I call, the #1 guitar player in the world.

    They played for an hour & half including encores for their screaming fans.

    TEAZE was also the first band that I felt that I needed to join their fan club, which was located in Montreal, Canada.

    The day TEAZE came to Osaka, I went to greet them at the Shin-Osaka bullet train station. I probably waited hours, but to me every minute was worthwhile. When every train came in, I looked with high hopes to find them. After many disappointments the moment finally arrived. They came out to the platform with big smiles. They were so friendly and just simply nice guys. I told Mark how much I adored them and also complimented his great guitar playing.

    After they left Japan, I wrote a letter to Mark thanking them for coming to Japan and giving us such a breath-taking concert and told him that we wanted them back in Japan again.

    On one ordinary day, I came home from school as usual with lots of homework thinking, “Gee, it’s gonna be a heck of a day!” My routine before I got inside was of course, checking our mailbox. I picked up all the envelopes and looked through all those bills and flyers. Then there was an unusual envelope that caught my eye. It was all written in English. Who could it be from??? My heart raced as I was always hoping Mark would reply to my letter. And .... it said from TEAZE !!! Indeed, it was a letter from Mark Bradac. It was simply a sweet letter and it sure made my day, my year and my whole life. I wrote him back again and he replied to me even two more times. To this day those letters are still one of the most precious things that I own.

    TEAZE, especially Mark certainly inspired me for learning the guitar. TEAZE was not just another head-banging heavy metal band. TEAZE was a band with intelligence & an unique style of their own.

    It is definitely a sweet memory when I think back to this rockin' Canadian band, TEAZE, who put on amazing gigs for us. I still listen to their songs and they are as fresh as when I first heard them over 20 years ago. Their music brings back all the wonderful memories of my life between 1978-1980.

    TEAZE, thank you so much for bringing me great music that has lasted my entire life.

    To Brain, Mark, Chuck & Mike, wherever you are now and whatever you are doing, I wish you all the best.

    Love Always,

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