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Social Distortion

Beth. Richmond, VA. the idea was taken from many hours of listening to mommys little monster and then editited for content. shut up it counts... (beth begged and pleaded that i put this up here..even tho its just a variation and of course i did, she did my crimpshrine tattoo and it is beautiful)

Jen, Phoneix, AZ. The second band tattoo i have is the Social Distortion skeleton-I got that from Todd at Ace Tattoo in Phx,Az. He has a large one on each arm, and did a great job, and good begining for the rest of 'sleeve dreams'. As far as why i get such things permanently stationed on my skin...i couldnt tell you. it's beautiful. it's permanent, and it is always with me even when my mind isnt giving the topics i love the time they deserve. its almost as though i cannot give them (the bands/people) exactly what they mean to me in words....appearances, ect...but i have a secret pact with them without even dealing with them. And in the stars, they know and appreciate it.

Ryan. So. Cal. I've got the Social Distortion skeleton on my forearm, which has since turned into a full sleeve. I remember seeing them in a video and it didn't sound like anything else I'd ever heard. I can thank Social D for getting me interested in punk music and tattoos.