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Joey. band of jawbreaker crosses (four f's) around left bicep. jawbreaker has blown me away since i first saw them in 1990 (or it may have been 91), incredible music, words, and super nice guys to boot. i decided i wanted this tattoo, and it was my first, sometime in 1992. i said if i stillwanted it in 5 years i would get it, i still did so i went to see rock-a-billy joel at underground art and for like $50 and a switchblade i got it. i was really suprised that it didn't really hurt that much to get tattooed, so now, 4 years later i have 14, but no other band logos. jawbreaker is the only band i would ever get a tattoo of on me.

Ryan. My first tattoo--Jawbreaker "4Fs" taken from the "Unfun" record. I got the tattoo when I was eighteen-years-old in an act that was devoid of any deliberation in a tattoo parlor in Green Bay, Wisconsin (the name of which slips my mind). The significance of the tattoo lies within the fact that Jawbreaker was a band that largely comprised the soundtrack to the most melodramatic years of my life (read: high school). Some four years later, I have no regrets in the matter; I mean, I listened to some rather embarrassing bands that could have just as easily ended up on my left arm.

Matt. Richmond, VA. done by Josh Brown at Absolute Art. "it's good to be awake" is taken from the song "fireman" on dear you. that record holds a lot of significance in my life, and the kids above the banner are an embodiment of my views on what relationships all too often are about, and i feel that those views were best encapsulated by that lyric.

J Church

Joey. well it's not really a band tattoo but it does have a lyric from a j church song on it. [undisputed king of nothing] i drew ths when i was in 10th grade, about 13 years ago. i found the notebook it was in and got the tattoo a couple days after being in the hospital for a month. i was at the lowest point in my life and that's how i felt, no heart and the king of nothing. i'm happy to say i am much better off now.