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This website is for those of us so extremely into certain bands that we want to take their images to the grave with us not only in our hearts but on our skin. I immerse myself in information on both music and tattoos and I figured that there must be others like me. This site can be used to stare at tattoos, laugh at people with bad tattoos, or maybe find a passionate common interest with someone. If you or someone you know have tattoos of any band from any music genre, feel free to email a picture of it to me, Nicole, at Band a sentence or two about yourself and/or why you decided on that particular tattoo. This site is under extreme construction and will be expanding hopefully, very quickly.

Updates as of 01.17.01... my new crimpshrine tattoo is up.. and there are new ones under G and L and S as well. i plan on making a links page soon.. so if you know any tattoo sites or an official or great site on one of the bands featured tell me about them please... and keep visiting and sumbitting!

Updates as of 01.27.01... i'm getting so many hits and barely any submissions... i know you guys have the tattoos... where are the pictures? what's new... Matt's Jawbreaker tattoo is up. that puts Jawbreaker at 3 tattoos tied with Social Distortion.

Updates as of 02.21.01...a new depeche mode tattoo has been placed today. still so many hits and not many new tattoos to put up. is everyone too chicken shit to send them to me? sheesh. so many hits in the poll saying that there are many with the tattoos, but no one is showing their goods.

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