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Amsterdam! Marti & I hooked up with our Parisian pal Noah
at the Old Church coffeeshop in the Red Light District,
chilled there for a while. (Marti stretched out on the
banquette & took Disco nap #1.) Later we strolled down the
Warmoestraat to the venue, where we ran into Jerry, Dave
& John the tour manager.

After arrangements were made for a soundcheck, we all
mosied down through Dam Square for a little bar hang at the
Greenhouse Centrum. (Marti hopped in a taxi in front of the
Hotel Krasnapolsky & returned to our hotel for Disco Nap #2.)

Back at the Winston Lesley was decorating the tables, bar
& stage with flowers. I mean, it was Amsterdam after all.

Noah & I hung out while Jerry & Dave soundchecked
"Tell Me Again" (I think) & "Ten Killer Fairies."
They sounded big & ballsy; both of them dug
the sound & the room.

After the soundcheck Jerry & John headed back to
their hotel. Caroline & Jimmy Mack arrived at the Winston.
Dave, Noah, the Mackies & Marti & I went to The Tango
Argentine restaurant for tasty high-protein steak dinners.
Dave exhibited his carniferocity for the camera.


We had heard that Jerry & Dave would be playing anywhere
from 70 minutes squeezed between dj sets to however long
the Winston folks would allow, but in the end they
delivered a solid deuce: two hours of stone rockin'
JJ & DAS, Amsterdam-style.
What's not to like?

Marti & I hung out with Kenny Johnson, Jimmy Mack,
Web Bond & Jonathan Woods during & after the show.
Floral artist/bartender Lesley really got into what
Jerry & Dave were laying down.

The next day Marti went to a couple of meetings at
British Telecom's Amsterdam offices. I had my own
rendezvous with Web & Woods at the Dampkring.
Web left in search of the VISA card he lost
the night before. Woods & I went to lunch at
the Mimo Italian restaurant.

After a post-lunch Rokerij hang, Woods walked up to
Dutch Flowers while I went to Central Station to grab
a train to the airport. I met my bride at Schiphol
& we flew home to Paris.

Jerry, Dave & John are on their way to Hamburg.
Woods missed his train this morning, but he'll be
there soon.

Marti & I will see these folks again in a little over
a week, when they return to the City of Light.

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