Mike Serour

AKA: Knoxville

Birthday: 02/07/79


Mike Serour comes from a non-musical background, actually he is the first in his family to persue his his dream in music. Growing up Mike idolized such musicians as Michael Jackson for the moves and Jim Morrison for the poetry and writing skills. He was frontman for a few bands such as Purple Urine(a punk band that lasted about a month), he was lead vocalist and guitar in the band Liquid Prick(anither band who played one show and quit), Bleeding Cactus from Charlevoix, MI(a cover band who played together for a whole summer) and last but not least Roswell who was together for about 2 years and ripped Bay City a new asshole when possible. Now in Systematic Genocide, Mike hopes to go all the way with nothing to look back on except his family and friends which he credits for all of his set goals.

When on stage Mike gives the audience something to talk about with the way he slams around on stage and whines enough for the crowd to almost feel sorry for him. But don't let his whinning fool you, he is one of the most evil people on the planet praying and feeding on peoples misery just to help him sleep at night. So when you show up at a show don't be surprised if this kid comes off as a fucking psychopath!