Mike Meier

aka: ????

Birth Date: 11/28/76


Mike Meier is known as one of the best metal/thrash drummers in the city. His love for metal music has been an influence on him since he was a kid. Listening to bands such as Megadeth,Metallica,Motley Crue, and his favorite band Pantera. Mike come from a musical background provided by his father who also was known as one of the best drummers around. He played with the well known cover band Roswell and amazed people with his unbelievable off beats and drum rolls supported by his habit of kicking your ass with his double bass ability.

On stage Mike provides the rythm that gets the people fucking crazy and forces them to slam around and beat the shit out of each other. If you happen to be at a show, keep a close eye on this man because he is the drummer every band has dreamed of having.