Systematic Genocide, strait out of Bay City MI, originally started with Anthony (vocals), Big D on Guitar, Karp on Effects Guitar an Bryce Krabbe on Drums. As normal most new bands go threw major line changes. On Feb 10th 2001 a full line up was brought together. Now two years later we are going strong with one full length demo CD completed and writing for a second under way. We are an original music band and as of now we have no intentions of doing cover songs. Our sound comes from a mix of a large verity of music. Thrash & death metal, funk, punk, and a little rap.
We spent most of the summer of 2002 in Detriot, playing shows at the Wired Frog & Harpos. We are trying to have our new CD done by this summer, and will be heading back to Detroit for the summer of 2003. We also play at Drifters, James Town Hall, and a few odds and ends that are close to home. So keep an eye out and you may be able to catch one of our shows.

aka: sancho--(Vocals)


aka: BIG D--bass

aka: Karp--guitar

aka: Mole--guitar

--Drums ...Drum Stick Killer

aka: Porn Star --Texas Belt Buckel

We have our cd ABUSE out for sale. We have been writing new stuff over the summer and as of March 24th, 2003 we have completed 9 new songs and added a longer intro to one of our old songs ( Die Away )... Our new songs are CUNT , LOST INSIDE , FUCKED UP ADDICTION , SUFFERING LEAVES SCARS , ACID BATH , FALLING, and 3 others that are currently without titles. We will probably write 2 to 3 more songs ( no sure yet ) and then there will be 3 of our old songs rerecorded onto our new CD. They will be DIE AWAY ( with the new beginning ) , RRRRR! , and RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENTS.
We don't know when we will be done with it, but we would really like it to be done before the end of the summer.

We are now a more developed band then we were back in Feb 2001 and have made an original type of music. Rather then coping one bands style we mix a little of everything together and came out with and unheard sound. We do still lean toward the Death Metal end of it, because we all like the crunch sound that gets the mosh pit going. Still we have no problem slowing it down and making more mellow music...

We have all our guitars down tuned one full step from standard and the low E is down tuned two full steps.

STANDARD: Low E, a, d, g, b, e High

OUR TUNE: Low C, g, c, f, a, d High