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Band Biography

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DW Norton - Guitar Rod Mcleod - Vocals Fetah Sabawi - Keyboards & Noises Sean Pentecost - Drums Drew Dedman - Bass

Former Members:
Adam Donath - Bass
Adam Messenger - Drums
Si Durrant - Low Bass
Suds from Dreadnought - Drums

Cause I'm not here to be your saviour, No favours, Trust me I'm not here to taste your burning soul

Well Superheist are a Melbourne band who should not need an introduction as their new singles "Crank the System" & "Bullet" have been played to death on radio stations like Tripple J.

Ever since they signed up with Shock's in-house label "Shagpile," Superheist have supplied us with the best music around. From melodic metal songs such as Pulse to rap/metal style songs like Crank the System, and with a new album on the way in April we'll have alot more to get excited about.

Superheist have toured with the likes of Frenzal Rhomb, Primary, 28 Days, Shihad, Fear Factory, Sepultura and loads more. I didn't get to see them at this years BDO (cause they only played in Melbourne (grrrrrr), but I heard that they played a really good show.

All I can say about Superheist is they rock and are easily the best band on the planet. Heheh.

Info Straight From DW's Mouth

"Suds from Dreadnought, Who played drums with us for about 18 months and recorded "CHROME MATRIX" with us and Adrian Sudborough who was our first bass player way back when we first started in '93. Other people who have filled in on certain occasions are: Barney Hughes, played bass with us while Adam Donath (Donut) was attempting to recover from his severed thumb, the injury eventually forced him to leave the band permanately. Chris Hill (Hilly from Damaged) played bass for one show in Canberra ("Metal for the Brain" i think). and Mark Rachelle and Chris Ainsworth filled in on keyboards on separate occasions while Fetah was overseas. Mark Rachelle is now a very successful producer known for his work with Madison Avenue and also owns Backbeach Recording Studio.


                  In the very early days we had two guitar players. One was me, and the other was a guy called Mark.E. He is still a good friend and is Sean's flat-mate. He is also the photographer who took the Superheist band photos that have been used in the press over the past two years.
                  For all of us besides Drew, Superheist is pretty much the first serious band we've been in. Fetah played guitar in a funk band for a little while and i messed around in a few garage bands as did Sean. The only thing i did worth mentioning was when i played in a band called "Wildflower" with Mark.E. we got ask to be in Lisa Edwards band who had a top ten hit at the time and we did about 5 "Hey Hey It's Saturday" appearances and a couple of other t.v shows but they were all mimed at the time so i guess it doesn't really count.


                 Me and Berger met in Grade 5 at Overport Primary School in Frankston and iv'e been mates with him ever since. From there we went to Frankston High School where in year 8 we met Fetah. Sean went to the school down the road and we knew him cos he worked at the local guitar shop where Fetah and i spent most of our teenage lives. Fetah is an excellent guitar player (way better than me) and pretty much taught me everything i know on the guitar".

Info supplied by DW Norton