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If you are surfing through a "filter" company, who shields young minds from the filth of the Internet, Angelfire will think you are linking from another site, and you will be unable to download any music.  Also, if you are on AOL, you will be repeatedly asked to be sure that the file is not corrupt.  This is because AOL sucks.  Simply launch a different browser (preferably IE 5.0 or above) once you are connected to AOL, and view the site that way.  Thanks!


All music is in the MP3 format.  Have a request?  Have a suggestion where I can find more space to upload music?  Email it to me.


These files are provided to introduce new people to the music, and to let other fans hear music they have not yet had a chance to buy.  If you LIKE the music, BUY the music.  Click HERE to see how.



the Downloads page

Currently, many of the songs or albums are marked as "down."  My available web-space shrank, thus I was forced to remove several MP3's.  The songs Glory and Grace, Flavor of the Month, In Your Eyes, and If You Want It are STILL AVAILABLE.


Sunday Blue - Deepest Shade


Sunday Blue - Glory and Grace

Glory & Grace



Sunday Blue - Breathe      <----down

I'm Listening



GrayDot records / BulletProof Music Sampler - "Afters"

Flavor Of The Month (live)

Believe In You '97     <----down


My Friend Stephanie - Makeover

In Your Eyes

Lullabye '96    <----down


My Friend Stephanie - All The Pieces     <----down


All The Pieces


My Friend Stephanie - One Of Those Days

If You Want It

Take Me In    <----down


My Friend Stephanie - The Original Recordings    <----down

Forever Yours '95

Fly Away




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