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---------8 AUG 2001--------

A lot has changed since the last update. Stone Theory has parted ways with former drummer Chris Pomerleau due to personal conflicts and has gained a new drummer, Shawn MacWhinnie.

Stone Theory will have to take a break for the next 6 months, due to lead singer Archie's commitment with the Unites States Navy. He will be on deployment in Iceland from August 6th untill roughly the beginning of Feb. His e-mail will be updated if you wish to correspond with him during this time.

Also, in lighter news, "Closing" will be the featured track of the day at for the date of Aug. 10th due to some great feedback from the community! Check it out with the badge on the left!



3 Aug - News and site overhaul

-Listbot has quit their services. A new mailing list will be started up again in Feb 2002.-

Also a "Featured Track of the Day" for the date of 10 Aug 2001

The New Guy!

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