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Stone Theory is a heavier sound, with melody and occasional harsh screams of reality.

Somewhat like Sevendust's style, with the occasional gothic riff, heavy riffs like Godsmack, the strange sounds of Korn, tribal drumming , bass solos and leads, and a hint of punk, blended together in an intense metal mix.

The band is from the Lewiston/Auburn area (L/A, to the locals) , of Maine.



A native of the L/A area, Eric is a self taught player with a strong blues and classic rock background, but, can adapt to several styles. Stone Theory is his first real band. When not playing, Eric enjoys activities such as drag racing his '74 Dart, and runs with his '75 Ford Pickup.



A Lewiston Native, Mike has played in various local bands such as Blade, 2X4, Evolution and Placebo Effect. He has been playing the guitar for about 2 1/2 years and enjoys jamming with his band. "It's a real change to actually join with musicians that know more than Em, D and G chords and have drums with taste."


Shawn MacWhinnie - Drums


More on him, soon!


Moved to Lewiston from Jacksonville, FL. in the summer of 1998. After searching for a suitable band for 2 years, he asked about the bass player positon in Stone Theory. After being denied, he was given the rhythm guitar part and finally out of desperation and sheer need.....became the voice of Stone Theory. Other than his day job, this is all he does.