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Be there or be square

Friday, March 23rd, 2001

The Java Joint (Surrey- 104th and King George Hwy.)
Line up-Sot After, and Walk The Line
This was an ok show, not many people showed up cause we only got the gig like 2 days before and there wasn't any advertising for it. The songs we played were-
  1. Its all your Fault
  2. Uwaytoday
  3. Growing up so Fast
  4. Heeve Ho*new song*
  5. Tripping Away
  6. LPP
  7. We don't know any Slayer*new song*
  8. Screwed
  9. Jeff's Song
  10. Kung Fu Fighting*Carl Douglas Cover*
  11. 2000 Light Years Away*Green Day Cover*

February 3, 2001
Sasamat Lake - Outdoor Centre
It's at 10:30, but its only for the people in the camp, so I don't know why this is up at all.
It's a dance, with a DJ for the rest. So, we'll be there if you are.

January 26, 2001
Battle of the Bands at Stardust Skating Center in Surrey
We play at 9:00, it starts at 7:30
(We lost this one. Thanks for coming out)

We never have any shows...so, this page will be very empty.
If anyone needs a band Email us! We'll play shows, house parties, barn houses, and even shit houses. We'll even play for Free!

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