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Other Bands

St. Tibs Day
Sot After Radio Station

Equipment We Use


  • Guitar:Ibanez Flying V, Simon & Patrick 6 CW Spruce Accousticw/EMG Pickup
  • Amps:Yorkville PA Sytem w/Fender speakers, Fender Studio Lead
  • Pedals: Sans Amp GT2, Morley Wah & ABY Switch, Zoom 505


  • Drums:5 Piece Pearl Export
  • Cymbals:Sabian B8's
  • Accessories: Little Peter Popoff, and a bunch of stickers


  • Bass:Coburn's Peavey Bass
  • Amp:Whatever one he can Borrow


  • Mic: Whatever one is at the show.

    Misc. Items

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