A peek at our pee-pees

Sot After all started about a year or so ago. Phoenix, Ryan and Karl had been dragged to a toga party, where they all sat, unentertained, cold and shriveled. Barenaked ladies and Beastie Boys played in the background as they smacked themselves for showing up. Phoenix and Ryan conversed at some length, while Karl simply laughed and cried. All of a sudden, a beacon of light broke the gloom. As if reading each others minds, the band was formed through telekenisis at that moment. We all thought to ourselves, "We can make better music than this shit." Well we were wrong, but the next couple months yielded practices where Ryan and Karl just played covers and Phoenix sat on the couch watching TV. Soon, they realized this was getting them nowhere and that they needed a drummer. One day in Karl's room, the first Sot After song was written by Karl and Phoenix. "Push Me". Not long after this, we recruited Mat to play drums occasionally. He was busy with his own band, Animal Joy Club, which became Uwaytoday. After playing Push Me 5 billion times, some new music was introduced, along with our new drummer, Jeff. Now, we play something along the lines of music, every chance that we get. Karl recently left the band to persue a career as a jock-strap designer, but don't worry, his twin brother Holden has joined the band.

Holden - Guitar/Back Vox

Holden enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach... No wait this is the wrong website. He has been playing the guitar for about 5 years now and he hasn't been able to put it down ever since he started. Being one of the main song writers in the band he takes pride in being a control freak, so don't ever express your opinion or contest his.

Some of his favorite bands include Green Day, Stabbing Westward, Foo Fighters, Fear Factory, VAST and Noise Therapy. His favorite part of music is getting to perform in front of people, and if you have seen him in concert you will see just why!

Phoenix - Vocals

Phoenix likes writing lyrics, because it gives him a chance to vent. Although with some songs like, "The Ballad of Little Peter Popoff" we wonder what he's trying to vent. Despite his immature outer appearance, Phoenix is actually a very deep thinker. He just doesn't let those things bother him as he is having such a good time living.

Some of his favorite bands include The Ataris, NOFX, Screeching Weasel, Blink182, No Use For a Name and Lagwagon. He has a really hot girlfriend named Kendra, whom he loves very much.

Ryan - Bass

Ryan enjoys a lot of stuff , He's been playing guitar for over 4 years now, on and off. He enjoys writing music or fixing up whatever Karl wrote to make it sound better but with Ryan and Karl working together theres never a dull song.Bass isnt really a preffered instrument by Ryan but hey he doesnt have a say RYAN!!! YOUR STUCK!!!

Ryan doesnt really care what he listens to as long as its NOT COUNTRY!!!(Editors Note: Ryan owns every Shania Twain Album) . He loves listening to Trance Techno and all that dance music kinda stuff. He also loves to listen to Def Tones, Perfect Circle, Finger 11, and all that heavy stuff who wouldve thought a wanna be raver would listen to that shit huh?

Jeff - Drums, Genital Stroker

Jeff has been playing drums since he was 16 months, although it doesn't show. He was originally not supposed to be in the band at all, he just kinda went along for the ride. This bio should really be about Jeff's mom, cuz without her, he would never get anywhere at all. Yeah.

Jeff likes band such as: Goldfinger, Finger 11, NOFX, S Club 7, St. Tibs Day, Greenday, Screeching Weasel and Blink182. He also worships Hootie and the Blowfish and wants to sleep with them all. Maybe one day, if we ever toured, he will get to meet his dream man, Hootie. Jeff looked at Courtney's bum.

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