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July, 2001

Due to creative differneces Holden has decided to leave the band and as a result Sot After is no more. Phoenix, Jeff and Ryan have gone on to form the Anti-Elite.

March 27th, 2001

Thanks to all of those who showed up to the Java Joint gig. Even though there were only 2 bands cause one cancelled, we still had a good time performing to a sold out crowd of 15 people.

March 21st, 2001

There is a gig this Friday March 23rd @ the Java Joint(Surrey). I believe the lineup is Sot After, Captain Haircut,.and Walk the line. .Click here for more info.

March 20th, 2001

Due to crappy grades in all of his classes in college, Karl has decided to leave the band. But don't worry! He has been replaced with his twin brother Holden.

Feb 26th, 2001

We've been busy writing some new songs and we hope to have them recorded soon for ya'll to hear. As for shows we have some in the planning stages and maybe even a show in Portland, Oregon. Check back soon and we'll keep you posted.

Feb. 8th, 2001

Well, thanks to the local crowd at Sasamat Outdoor Centre that was very entertained by our set last Saturday. We had a lot of fun playing and not touching our genitals. Although it was very hard for Jeff. Maybe we can play for you guys again sometime.

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