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A Simple Hanson Site... Simple. Because obsession isn't funny.

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What other band had four radio hits, made dozens of American television appearances- one being their own half-hour special- been featured in countless magazines, presented at four awards shows, had two separate million+ selling albums, had a #1 long-form music video, been nominated for over a dozen awards- winning several- and performed for the President... all in their first year? Hanson is definitely a band unlike any other in music history.

Hanson... WOW! Wanna see a little more of what they've done? So many accomplishments... here you'll read about some of them.

They're hyper! They're loud! They're happy! They're Hanson fans! And they've done some crazy things... check out the ways they've helped out in their various communities Fan Action.

Hanson Merch. Into trading Hanson stuff? There's a note here to all you traders. Also my comments on some stuff I own.

Are you from Europe? Australia? Asia? Anywhere other than the U.S.? I know you people are visiting this site, this page is for you! International Fans.

Hanson Updates. They're constantly on the radio, TV, and maybe they'll be in concert near you. Keep up on appearances right here.Updated 1/11/01 -- This site will soon be updated again (June 2004!), after a rather long hiatus. God bless all you people still searching for Hanson news. They are still around, and still sounding great! I'm still here too, so check back soon but some new stuff.

There are way over 150,000 Hanson websites out there... here are a few of them. Hanson Links.

Show your support! Make Hanson's songs and videos go to #1!

Live Experiences. Another new page. This is a place to read and submit opinions about various Hanson appearances.

Write to me, please! And also take some time to sign my guestbook. A Simple Hanson Site Guestbook

Please sign my private guestbook (click below) or email me!
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