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Sievil is Andi, Kasey, Jess and Brian May. The band was formed 3 years ago and has been as it is now for a year. We are all 17 and live in the Brisbane/Ipswich region. Our name is pronounced "See-vil" and how did we come up with that? One day after rehearsal we were sitting on a hill discussing what we should be called. Since we couldn't decide we took a letter of each car's number plates that went past and Sievil is what came of it. We were quite lucky with the carse that drove past!! We have very different influences which ironically sound not much like our music at all. We are not pop, hardcore, rap, jazz or hip hop, we are just ROCK and that's the only way you could put it Bands we like and/or love are silverchiar, Metallica, Foo FIghters, Jebediah, Blink 182, Killing heidi and many many more.If you want to know more personal information about the band members themselves click on the names which link to a personal biography.




Prince Boy (ex-guitarist)