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How They Got Together...

Cody, thinking he was so cool in his khacki jnco's pants and his Fila shoes, was singing "Tainted Love" in church one day and happened to be right next to Joe, who was playing with his lighter.

"Hey, man, not bad," said Joe.

"Yeah, I was hoping to start my own band one day," Cody confided.

"No kidding! Hey, check it out!" exclaimed Joe as he whipped out his drumset which he took everywhere.

He played, and damn good, too.

JD, who had just come back from eating at Big Boy, suddenly came crashing down from the shafters. "SAVE ME!" he cried. He landed on a fat lady, so no harm done.

He played his trumpet like Hugh Hefner plays his women.

Then, who should come bursting out of the confessional but Kevin! He'd had a lot of sins to get off HIS back. But it's all good, cuz he was sorry. And he let everyone know it, too.

"I'M SO SORRY! I'M SO SORRY!..." With JD and Joe this could almost be a song, but it just needed-

In came Tyler, who now had a collection of guitars but always brought his favorite one from the ol' Mississippi w/ him whenever he went out. He played along with the guys, and it was all starting to come together...

A server ran outside, who was this mystery person? Why, none other than Ryan! He came back with "Betty Sue" and now everyone in the church got up and danced.

The rave lasted all day and night, and when it ended, the boys decided that they sounded good, and they should stick together. And so they have...