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Here's the latest dish, sorry i haven't updated it in a while; i've been busy:

Cody: After the island fiasco, Cody had to get a job at McDonalds because APPARENTLY SOMEONE didn't get INSURANCE!... dude, that sux some big ones.
JD: Mugged right after shopping for new clothes, somewhere out there there's a guy with brand new x-men underwear... x-men, ooh sexy.
Joe: Has to do a month of community volunteer work for parol, the world is a better place because of this... hey, joe, could you paint my house?
Kevin: His monkey gave him fleas... i guess letting it brush his hair was going a little too far...
Ryan: Gave up on going for the record after 1/2 hour of jumping... i guess he just wasn't cut out for that.
Tyler: While taking a shower, accidentally used his sister's nair for conditioner. big mistake. now wears a hat... eventually, you're gonna hafta take it off and let every one see the naked--or BALD-- truth... don't worry, tyler, it'll grow back soon.

That's the dish for today, hope you enjoy!

oh, and don't forget: Saving Boy Wonder is playing at The Battle of the Bands this Saturday at Chaminade!!