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The Fall of Baphomet Emperor
©XX Lyrics and Music by UnDArknæssAngæl

The Empire of Baphomet
It’s spread for here
This world is destroyed
The prince of hell rulz...
Lucifer other principality
Dominant in the hot hell
He’s more and more furious
For the christians acts
Belial, unhappy creature
No longer conforms to
his death is decreed
and he counts his final days
Leviathan poor fish
Confined himself to profundities
He’ll be mangled like carrion
Stepped by a great Man...
Jehova Supreme God
He're destroyed the hell empire
Hades is in ruins
And the four are desesperate
Its rituals, refuse you false god
And adore only Jehova
He is victory and eternal
And He never deceives or it lies...