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These are some songs we play:

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Come see one of our great concerts sometime! These are the people included in our band:
Eric M.:Keyboard ME!/ Jamison L.:Bass Guitar, the best bass player in the world!/ Karen G.:Saxophone/ Phillip C.:Drums/ Sean W.:Guitar Nice Hockey player I might add./ THE COOLEST! Mikey M.:Keyboard/ Nick W.:Saxophone The best bari. sax in the school./ Sam F.:Trumpet/ Roman N.:Trombone/ Hale M.: Saxophone/ David M.: Keyboard/ Jeff M.:Saxophone/ Mike L.:Clarinet/ Emily W.:Clarinet/ Corine M.: Clarinet/ Kyle G.: Saxophone/ Steven R.:Drums/ Stephanie B.: Piano/ Mike K.:Drums/Aaron B.:French Horn/ The best, Mrs. Lenander: Conducter, Baritone. I would like to say HI MIKEY!, to Mikey (MY KEYBOARDING BUDDY)Mikey's Page

I would like to thank Mrs. Lenander (our band teacher and conducter) for all of her time and energy that she has put into our last concert. She does high school and middle school everyday. SIGN MY GUEST BOOK !!!!!!!!

You can E-mail me today at the address below. You can ask me about our band. Come see one of our concerts. I'll tell you when we have a concert. So keep Posted!!!

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