A Word From Jello:


Hi everybody,

All right I said the last time I wrote (which was also only the second time I wrote) that I would update this page more frequently then before. So in accordance with that here is another letter. And, I also have some changes.

I will (or have, depending on how much time I get to do it) be updating the members of the band. Casio P and Rob Flip Ya and myself will be moving from band members to associates. This is for several reasons. In the case of Casio P, it has to do with distance among other things. He currently spends most of his time residing in Virginia. Rob Flip Ya is being moved do to time restraints, and although is more then happy to be associated with the band, is unable to make a commitment at this time. And as for myself, come on let's face it I play a kazoo taped to a microphone, I don't think I need to elaborate. So the band is back to it's original four.

In future look for a different sound to emerge. But there is nothing wrong with that. When Rapskalion first started out it was basically strictly Punk. Then it moved to being Punk and Ska leaning eventually a little more and more toward Ska. And, now expect it start leaning toward Rock. Now don't get me wrong we aren't talking any of that pansy ass music that some people call Rock. So don't worry this band only seems to get better with time. Also with the band downsizing back to its core size of four, expect some performances since it will be easier to get the whole band together. Also don't be surprised if you see a guest playing with them. No one's been fired, just restructured. (Well Loveshack was but he doesn't count)

Oh, and one last addition. I have posted all my previous letters (not there's a whole lot) so now you can read what's happened in the past.

catch you all later,

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