A Word From Jello:


Hi everybody,

In my last and first message, I stated, "A long time ago I started this web-site for the band." Of course, now I can say, "A long time ago I actually updated this web-site." So here goes an update. It's not much it's just this letter actually. I have no new pictures, or biographies to share. In fact the only reason I am writing this is because I got access to the Internet again. And although I've had access now for about three weeks, I just for the first time in about 3 months caught up with a couple other members of the band.

So here are the updates on the people I know about as of now:

Rastiss - Has graduated. And most of the band will be getting together at a party for him in the very near future so maybe I'll get more information then. I also know he is looking for a job and when he gets one, he plans on moving to a house. Oh he has a dog now.

Pennie - Is ready to move to a house when Rastiss gets hired. She has a dog now too, to add to the fish and birds.

Jimmy Buldge - I really have no idea.

Breadmaster - Again I am clueless.

Casio P- I know he's still in college, and I saw him 3 times this summer. Once on the 3rd of July for my town's celebration, once getting ice cream, and once getting my haircut. Other then that I really don't know about him either.

Me - I got a job working for an architecture firm in Boston. Over the summer I spent every free moment looking for a job and neglecting my friends (including the band) in the process. I apologies for that, and I happy to say that now that I have a job I'll be around more now. Well at least after a few paychecks pay off some debt.

Rob Flip Ya - Tell you the truth he joined at about the time I disappeared, so I've never met him, and wouldn't recognize him if I walked by him on the street.

Huggies - Don't know.

The Fuckin' Sailor - I see him all the time. He's doing well. He still takes classes and works. Good guy just gave me a lift last night.

Beantown - Don't know.

Tony D - We haven't seen him in years. One day maybe our paths will cross again.

Well that's about all the updating I can do for now. Sorry I couldn't supply anything cool, but hey at least there is something new here.

Catch you all later,

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