A Word From Jello:


Hi everybody,

Recently someone left the following message in the guest book, here it is in its entirety spelling and all.
"hey let's get an update sometime soon could we we keep comming here and finding nothing new maybe the world could benefit from a little info once in a while if that is not to mutch to ask maybe some more stollen picks of the band or maybe even some voyer picks of that hunk of man jello? and his mother's son!!!!!!!!! give us something could we please try to fix this broken machine"
Well, I'm the kind of guy that just wants to make all the fans happy, so I'd like to announce some new additions. But, I can't really. For instance the first suggestion was for more info. Well, I must admit I have been a tad bit out of the loop lately. But I have come up with a plan in order to rectify this situation, but you'll have to wait until mid August for it. As for stolen pictures, I would love to put those up. But, unless someone posts pictures for me to steal than that is also out of the question. So your real beef is with JimmyB, for not updating his site. So if JimmyB updates his I'll in turn update mine. So, I guess that brings me to the only suggestion I can actually accommodate at this time, naked photos of myself. Well if you want to see naked photos of myself feel free to click here. Oh, and check out the new, Who is Poll.

Catch you all later,

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