Ok, I know it's stupid. But I decided to jump on the Survivor bandwagon. So here are the rules:

1) Vote for the member you wish to have removed from the band.
2) Only vote once per poll
3) please be honest about rule "2"
4) Every Monday morning the poll will be updated.
5) At that time, the band member with the most votes cast against them will be removed from the poll.
Votes no longer will be updated.

Order of Removal:
Week0: Loveshack (He was removed a long time ago)
Week1: Jello (I actually received 3 real votes, Rastiss stop cheating)
Week2: Breadmaster (Tied with Casio-P, useing official Survivor rules, in a tie the previous votes are added in)
Week3: Casio P (Just barely beat out Breadmaster last week, and just couldn't hold out for one more)
Week4: Rob Flip Ya (Tied with Rastiss, previous votes did him in)
Week5: Rastiss (And then there were two)
Week6: Pennie (Close but no cigar)
The Winner: Jimmy Buldge (sorry Jimmy B we don't have the budget to give you a million bucks)

Total Cast Votes:
Rastiss: 13
Pennie: 10
Jimmy Buldge: 8
Breadmaster: 7
Casio P: 13
Jello: 3
Rob Flip Ya: 10
Loveshack: (doesn't count)

Weekly Cast Votes:
Rastiss: 0 0 1 6 6 X X
Pennie: 0 0 0 0 0 10 X
Jimmy Buldge: 0 0 0 0 2 6 Winner
Breadmaster: 1 6 X X X X X
Casio P: 0 6 7 X X X X
Jello: 3 X X X X X X
Rob Flip Ya: 0 1 3 6 X X X
Loveshack: X X X X X X X

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