50 Things You Never Wanted To Know About Jimmy Buldge:

01) Real Name: Jimmy Partridge
02) Residence: Plymouth, MA
03) Birthday: 04/26/80
04) Occupation: Master of Ceremonies
05) Height: 5'8"
06) Weight: 180lbs
07) Shoe Size: 11
08) Relationship Status: Ball and Chained
09) Siblings: 1 sister, we all hate her.
10) Favorite Color: Green
11) Favorite TV Show: Jackass
12) Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber
13) Favorite Sport: Football
14) Favorite Pastime: Wasting Time
15) Favorite President: Truman
16) Favorite Quote: "I see a dog, and it's on a log, and it's a terrier, and it's rabid. And foam sprays from it's mouth. And we follow this droplet of spit down to where it turns into a flaming brass eagle, holding the magna carta in it's claws. This eagle soars into flight, flying over mountains and oceans. Just then a giant fish jumps out of the ocean and clutches the magna carta and this very same fish is served to a family at denny's. The father takes a bite - his eyes go wolf yellow. Fur sprouts all over his body as he screams into the thin night air 'Where is the passion, where in the passion?'" - Anonymous
17) Favorite Fuckin' Sailor: That guy from the village people. No wait, Captain Ron.
18) Favorite Holiday: April Fools Day
19) Favorite Rapskalion Song: Looking Back
20) Favorite Animal: The Banshee
21) Favorite Board Game: Trivial Pursuit
22) Favorite Food: Reese's Pieces
23) Favorite Simpsons Family Member: Homer
24) Favorite Simpsons Supporting Character: Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel.
25) Favorite Card Game: Pitch
26) Favorite Beer: El Presidente
27) Favorite Hard Liquor: Jack Daniels
28) What Alcohol Will You Not Touch: Tennant Super
29) Who's Your Idol: Billy Idol, No wait, what's the question? I don't get it. Oh ok. Idol? Johnny Knoxville.
30) Who's Your Daddy: I'm your daddy.
31) If You Could Be Any Care Bear, Which One Would You Be: The grouchy one. Care Bear stare fool!
32) Pick A Number 1- 100: 2
33) Smoking or Nonsmoking: Away from loud and bratty kids damn it.
34) Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
35) Bacon or Eggs: Eggs
36) Ginger or Mary Anne The millionaire's wife.
37) Beer or Liquor: Beer
38) Cats or Dogs: Cats
39) Regular Oreo or Double Stuffed: Double Stuf has "f" so yes, regular.
40) Breadmaster or Jello: Jello, the breadmaster is a tool. Haha.
41) Brady Bunch or Partridge Family: C'mon get happy, gotta go with my posse."
42) "The Fuckin' Sailor" or "Our Little Trooper": What the hell are you talking about???
43) Glass Half Full or Half Empty: Half Full.
44) Do You Still Have Your Wisdom Teeth: Yep
45) Do You Still Have Your Tonsils: Yep
46) Do You Still Have Your Appendix: Yep
47) If, Anything, What Else Have You Had Removed: Apparently that thing that keeps dying in my ass.
48) What States Have You Been To: Depression, Confusion, Stupidity, Apathy, and Wyoming.
49) Any Tattoos or Piercings: They call me Viper the Human Pin Cushion.
50) Anything Else You Would Like To Share: I pickle they...
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