50 Things You Never Wanted To Know About The Fuckin' Sailor:

01) Real Name: Murph
02) Residence: Maine
03) Birthday: 6/21/80
04) Occupation: Fuckin' Sailor
05) Height: 64
06) Weight: 240
07) Shoe Size: 16
08) Relationship Status: Single
09) Siblings: Yes
10) Favorite Color: Red
11) Favorite TV Show: Simpsons
12) Favorite Movie: Full Metal Jacket
13) Favorite Sport: Football
14) Favorite Pastime: Drinkin'
15) Favorite President: Millard Fillmore
16) Favorite Quote: "I bent my wookie." - Ralph Wiggum
17) Favorite Fuckin' Sailor: Me
18) Favorite Holiday: Evacuation Day
19) Favorite Rapskalion Song: Darkman
20) Favorite Animal: Grizzly Bear
21) Favorite Board Game: Monopoly
22) Favorite Food: Anything Edible
23) Favorite Simpsons Family Member: Homer
24) Favorite Simpsons Supporting Character: Ralph
25) Favorite Card Game: Bullshit
26) Favorite Beer: Murphys Irish Stout
27) Favorite Hard Liquor: Jack Daniels
28) What Alcohol Will You Not Touch: There is no alcohol I will not touch.
29) Who's Your Idol: Homer
30) Who's Your Daddy: Hogan
31) If You Could Be Any Care Bear, Which One Would You Be: I don't know any care bears.
32) Pick A Number 1- 100: 99.9999
33) Smoking or Nonsmoking: Smoking
34) Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
35) Bacon or Eggs: Both Please
36) Ginger or Mary Anne Ginger with protection
37) Beer or Liquor: What is cheapest or available.
38) Cats or Dogs: Dogs
39) Regular Oreo or Double Stuffed: Double stuffed of course.
40) Breadmaster or Jello: Beadmaster, cause Jello is already my Daddy.
41) Brady Bunch or Partridge Family: Neither
42) "The Fuckin' Sailor" or "Our Little Trooper": Fuckin' Sailor of course, cause I don't remember being called the Little Trooper.
43) Glass Half Full or Half Empty: Depends on what's in the glass.
44) Do You Still Have Your Wisdom Teeth: No
45) Do You Still Have Your Tonsils: No
46) Do You Still Have Your Appendix: Yes
47) If, Anything, What Else Have You Had Removed: Nothing
48) What States Have You Been To: Mass, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Delaware, RI, Conn, NJ, Maryland, Penn, Virginia, Tenn, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Alaska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Minnesota.
49) Any Tattoos or Piercings: None that I know of.
50) Anything Else You Would Like To Share: I was enjoying my favorite pastime (see question 14) while filling out this survey.
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