Welcome to Rapskalion Clue Featuring:

Rastiss as Mr. Green,
Pennie as Miss Scarlet,
Beantown as Mrs. Peacock,
Jimmy Buldge as Professor Plum,
Jello as Colonel Mustard and
Breadmaster as Mrs. White

The object of this game is just like the regular clue, but better. Someone has assassinated Mr. Bryan Flaherty, and it is your job to find out who it was, with what weapon they used, and where they chose to commit this heinous crime. The weapons of chose are The Guitar String, The Drum sticks, The Shotgun, The Staple Gun, The Broken Beer Bottle and the overly cartoonish Anvil. Finaly the nine locations where the murder might have taken place include the campus of WPI, The Living Room, H20, Plymouth Rock, Jimmy Bulge's Basement, Pennie and Rastiss's Place, The Myles Standish State Forest, Breadmaster's Apartment or the murder capital of the Northeast - Newark, NJ.

So was it Breadmaster, with The Shotgun, in Jimmy Buldges's Basement, was it Rastiss, with The Broken Beer Bottle, at Plymouth Rock, or some other completely different out come.

This is how the game will work:

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