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Random Theory is a four-piece band from Dundalk, MD consisting of 2 guitars, bass, and drums. In 1993 the two guitarists, Daemon McConnaughey (then a drummer) and Christopher Elza, started playing music together with some friends of theirs. In early 1995, after many members and many name changes, they began writing and playing their own material in the band Three Feet Ocean (...earlier called Pendulum) with Mike Harper (bass) and Andrew Via (vocals).

Between '95 and '96 the band started playing in clubs and bars. They played any place they could. Finally in late '96 the band cut their first and only album "The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful" at 1137 Studios under Golden Starship Recordings Inc. In late '97, after some creative differences the band broke up.

In early 2000 Daemon and Chris decided to get together and share some of the new material that each of them had written. Since Daemon was now playing guitar they needed a drummer. So Chris brought his cousin Matt Sizemore, who had been jamming with him for a while. Shortly after the three of them got together they decided to start a new band with a new musical direction. After picking up bassist Matt Baier they started rehearsing and writing more songs.

In December of 2000 they finished recording their first CD under the name Random Theory. The CD, which was recorded on an ADAT in Chris' basement with some pretty primitive equipment, consists of 15 song which slightly vary in style from song-to-song. Right now the band is booking shows anywhere they can trying to get their music out come see them!