Radhasoami Beas Secret History

Radhasoami Beas Secret History

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Jaimal Singh
In October 1877, nine months before Swami Ji died, Jaimal Singh claims Swami Ji asked him privately to go to the Punjab and preach sant mat. Jaimal was an army soldier on yearly leave at the time. There is no evidence at all Swami Ji told Jaimal this, or ever gave Jaimal permission to initiate. There is no evidence Swami Ji knew whom Jaimal was, ever knew his name, or ever met Jaimal face to face. Jaimal claimed Radhaji (Swami Ji's wife) gave him a turban and prayer mat in 1890, there is no evidence this is true. There is no evidence Swami Ji ever gave Jaimal written or verbal permission in secret to act as Guru . No one in Swami Ji's family ever confirmed Swami Ji told Jaimal in private to preach sant mat. There are no records or confirmation from anywhere, or any contemporary personages of Jaimal's time that this ever happened, or that anyone ever saw Jaimal in the satsang of Swami Ji even once. We do not even know if Jaimal was initiated in the lifetime of Swami Ji. There are no photographs of Swami Ji with Jaimal and only 3 photographs of Jaimal are known to exist. Beas does not display Jaimal's photos, possibly for reasons contained here in Secret History.
Most astonishing is the fact that Swami Ji never wrote a single letter to Jaimal, that Jaimal ever mentioned. Considering Swami Ji's satsang was loaded with high ranking postal workers (including Swami Ji's two brothers Chachaji and Brindraban, Sudarshan (Chachaji's son) and Salig Ram, etc.), it's quite remarkable Jaimal never recieved a letter from Swami Ji. This group was famous for writing letters. Why didn't Jaimal write Swami Ji letters in the army, if he considered him his master? During the 21 years Jaimal was in the infantry while Swami Ji was alive, he could have visited satsang in Agra only a few times on yearly leave. Kirpal's claim that Jaimal only made it to satsang 3 times in his life seems to make sense. Basically, the reason we assume Jaimal visited at least once the satsang of Swami Ji, was that in Chachaji's biography of Swami Ji, he mentions Jaimal's 24th Sikh unit passing by, but did not give the date. But, it could not have been 1856, as the 24th Sikh did not come into being until late 1857, after the Sepoy Uprising.
Jaimal waits until July 1884, while he is still a soldier, to initiate his first person according to Beas and retired in 1889. In 1891 he started Beas group. It took Jaimal 7 years to initiate his first person according to Beas and 14 years until he established Beas , both from the Oct. 1877 date Swami Ji supposedly asked him secretly to do. Jaimal claimed Swami Ji asked him to do this nine months before his death, which was the last time Jaimal claimed he saw Swami Ji on yearly leave. Another problem is that Jaimal saw many masters and it is unknown if he considered Swami Ji his master, while Swami Ji was alive.
Some Beas books say Jaimal initiated a maximum of 2000 people, others 2343 people. Jaimal died December 29, 1903. He initiated Sawan Singh October 15, 1894 in the Murree Hills, in what is now Pakistan. Radhaji ( Swami Ji's wife) died two weeks later, Nov.1, 1894. Radhaji was a beautiful person and was known for giving money to the poor as she walked down the street from a change purse she always carried. There is no evidence Radhaji ever knew who Jaimal was either.


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This Secret History is written assuming the reader is already aware of the RS Beas version of history. Photo of Salig Ram top of page.

There is no evidence Radha Ji, Swami ji's wife, ever knew who Jaimal was either. She did not know Sawan, as she died 2 weeks after Sawan met Jaimal for the first time.

Title 17 of the U.S. Code, Fair Use Act, applies to Radhasoami Beas Secret History

Swami Ji's Will from Chachaji's Biography of Swami Ji, Chachaji (Swami Ji's brother was there at time will was spoken to crowd)<'/p>


The only purpose of life-long Bhajan and Sumiran is that one may not forget it during one's last moments. Hence, your practice of Nam should' be such that you may not forget it at any moment, irrespective of the activity you may be engaged in."

(5) Thereafter, addressing Rai Salig Ram (Huzur Maharaj), all Sadhus, Satsangis and Satsangins, Soamiji Maharaj observed, "You should give Radhaji the same place in your estimation as you gave Me, and should treat Radhaji and Chhoti Mata [3]Ji alike."

(6) He, then, ordered Radhaji not to neglect Shibbo, Bukki and Vishno.

(7) Addressing Sanmukh Das, He declared, "I appoint you Mahant of all Sadhus", and added, "I do not mean the kind of Mahanti (leadership) as is prevalent in this world. What I mean is that Sanmukh Das and Bimal Das will be the officers-in-charge of Sadhus. They will look after the management and administration of the Sadhus. They should stay in the garden (Soami Bagh). And Partapa[4] will be the owner of the garden."

(8) He, then, exhorted house-holders not to accept any service (Sewa) from Sadhus.

(9) Thereafter, Riddhi Bibi enquired, "Whom have you appointed to look after and guide us ?" Thereupon, He replied, "Radhaji for ladies and Sanmukh Das for Sadhus."

(10) Soamiji Maharaj then said, "Ladies should not go to the garden (Soami Bagh) to serve and pay respect to any Sadhu. They should all worship Radhaji and have Her Darshan." Then He added, " I have made a lion and a goat drink water at the same Ghat (water-side landing). None else can do so."

(11) Bibi Bukki prayed, "Soamiji ! take me also along with You." Soamiji Maharaj replied, "Don't worry, I shall call you soon. Apply yourself internally to the Charans (Holy Feet)."

(12) Then Lala Pratap Singh requested that he too might be allowed to accompany Him. Soamiji Maharaj said, "A good deal of work has to be taken from you. You will stay in the garden, attend Satsang and make others do it."

(13) Then Sudarshan Singh [5]enquired to whom one should refer one's Parmarthi queries. Thereupon, Soamiji Maharaj replied, "Whosoever has anything to ask, must refer it to Salig Ram (Huzur Maharaj)."

(14) Addressing Lala Pratap Singh, Soamiji Maharaj observed, "The Faith I had given out, was that of Sat Nam and Anami. Radhasoami Faith has been introduced by Salig Ram (Huzur Maharaj). You should let it also continue. Satsang must go on. Satsang shall spread far and wide in future."

(15) Thereafter He said, "No Satsangi, whether a house-holder or a Sadhu, should worry at all. I am constantly with every one, and greater care of all will be taken in future."

(16) Then Soamiji Maharaj observed that "In Kali Yuga, no spiritual activity would be successfully performed except the contemplation of the Swarup (Form) of Sat Guru, Sumiran of Nam (Repetition of the Holy Name) and Dhyan of Nam (contemplation of the Holy Name)."

(17) Lala Pratap Singh prayed for the opening of Shabd internally. Thereupon, Soamiji Maharaj said, "Hearing of Shabd (Sound) internally and experiencing bliss thereof are the signs of the opening of Shabd."

(18) Addressing Radhaji, Soamiji Maharaj said, "Both Parmarth (religious activities) and Swarth (worldly activities) have been the spheres of My activity, or, in other words, I have taken part in both. So you should also not disregard social observances, and let Sadhus also carry on their tradition."

(19) Thereafter, Soamiji Maharaj desired to be taken from the courtyard to His room, and at about quarter to two in the afternoon, He withdrew His Surat from this mortal body.

They Threw Bats at Tulsi Saheb (Biography of Swami Ji by Chachaji)

97. Soamiji Maharaj also related to Kanwal Das and others the following incident about Maharaj Tulsi Saheb. As Maharaj Tulsi Saheb denounced idol-worship etc., people were offended with Him. Once when He was passing through the market, some persons followed Him shouting, clapping hands in ridicule and passing indecent remarks. They also threw brick-bats at Him. One or two pieces fell near Him. At this, Girdhari Das Ji, the chief disciple of Tulsi Saheb, got enraged, and wanted to encounter the mob. Maharaj Tulsi Saheb admonished him, and said that the worldly people have inflicted severe atrocities on devotees, and have even flayed them alive and cut off their heads. But the latter never thought of revenge. How could a person claim to be a Sadhu if he got enraged on such trivial matters ? He should be cautious and careful. Hearing these words, Girdhari Das Ji was pacified and retired to his place.


***Note: Beas claims Jaimal was initiated by Swami Ji when he was 17 years old in 1856, the same year he joined the army, which he remained in till long after Swami Ji's death. Kirpal says Jaimal went to Ghuman, Punjab to visit his mother on yearly leaves. Kirpal actually notes only about 3 visits to Agra by Jaimal, roughly 1856, 1875, Oct. 1877 to see his guru. Called the 'Sepoy Uprising' of 1856, or the 'Great Rebellion' by Kirpal, it is unclear if Jaimal joined the British forces, or the Rebellion itself on the Indian side. Kirpal says Jaimal joined an advance guard of sepoys in 1856 and the regiment was disbanded in 1857, after which Jaimal joined a new unit, the 24th Sikh, which he remained in till he retired. The coincides perfectly with the beginning and ending of the Sepoy Uprising. In 1856, the British East India company was defeated after 258 years. In 1857 the British retook India, this time under direct British rule. The Sepoy Uprising ended with the mass murder of 800 British women and children.


Kirpal Singh says Swami Ji "had not begun giving public discourses in the mid 1850's and confined His meetings to small private audiences at his home", (Jaimal Singh,A Great Saint,1973,p.41, Kirpal Singh). On Page 14 of the same book by Kirpal, "This system of addressing private gatherings at his (Swami Ji's) home continued for quite a long time, (Swami Ji) on Basant Panchimi Day in the year 1861....threw open the (satsang) to the general public." This 1861 date is the universally accepted date by RS Groups.


It is possible that if Jaimal was actually initiated in 1856, it may have been Girdhari Das whom gave it ( Chachaji called Girdhari Das chief disciple of Tulsi Sahib in his books) , while Girdhari lived in one of Swami Ji's houses in Agra. Swami Ji treated Girdhari as a Guru during this time, before he went public after Girdhari's death in 1861. There is also a possibility Sanmukh Das could have initiated Jaimal Singh after Swami Ji's death.

Kirpal also mentions in 1890 Gharib Das went with Jaimal to Jaimal's home. Kirpal says they went to Jaimal's Punjab home, not Jaimal's home across from Salig Ram's satsang in Peepal Mandi, even though Kirpal mentions they stopped at Salig Ram's satsang. Gharib Das was a blind helpless sadhu often mentioned in Beas books. Gharib Das was born in 1841 and died in 1917. Kirpal said Gharib Das ran to Swami Ji in 1843, telling him he was the chosen successor to Tulsi Sahib. If the 1841 birth date of Gharib Das is correct, he could have only been 2 years old at the time. But, Beas books say Swami Ji was actually there when Tulsi Sahib died and received a last 'glance'. Swami Ji was born in 1818 and that would have made him 25 years old when Tulsi Sahib died. But, it is funny how neither Beas, nor Kirpal admit Jaimal had a house across from Salig Ram's satsang, although Kirpal admits Jaimal did attend Salig Ram's satsang. Kirpal had the muster out sheet of Jaimal's army enlistment. More on this later.
Chachaji Pratap says in his Biography of Swami Ji, that Swami Ji was there when Girdhari das died.
S.D. Maheswari noted he knew letters existed where contemporary people of Swami Ji's time said in them that Swami Ji was treating Girdhari Das as HIS GURU

Kirpal Singh's ignorance of evolution.From Spiritual Elixir by Kirpal Singh :

"Q. Did man originate in the same basic form he has today?

A. Yes. The known history of man reveals that there is no difference in the construction of human form ever since human life commenced on this earth planet."


Yogananda Christmas message, 1933: Quote:


Hitler is to be admired for leaving the League of Nations because peace can never be attained by the victor and vanquished attitude, but on a basis of equality and brotherhood. Instead of preventing Hitler from having equal armament with other nations, the other nations should reduce the armaments to the level of Germany, then the millions of dollars that are thrown away on idle battleships could be used for national or international prosperity. America, France, and Great Britain should reduce their armaments first, and thereby destroy the desire of Japan, Russia, and Germany to become equally armed.

An insulted, snubbed Germany, if it gets away from the uplifting guidance of Hitler, may join Russia and make her a more powerful enemy of France and so on.

The Allies must reduce their own armaments first, and then they will find out that the example speaks louder than words.



Newspaper Articles on Yogananda


Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, October 25, 1939:


Determined that he shall not become a vanishing Hindu, process servers were conducting a far-flung search yesterday for Swami Yogananda, Indian cultist accused in a sensational $500,000 damage suit, of amazing goings on with feminine followers.

Aiding in the search was the plaintiff, Nirad Ranjan Chowdbury, also known as Sir Nerode, former associate of Yogananda, who maintains a palatial abode on Mount Washington and also boasts a high class hideaway at Encinitas.

Chowdbury's charges took on a spice not generally associated with the spiritual repose of Yogism as the swami was sought by minions of the plaintiffs attorneys, Harold E. Krowech and Theodorn E. Bowen.


After pointing out that Yogananda teaches that he is God, or Paramahansa, Chowdbury, Calcutta-born, Harvard educated student of East Indian religious philosophy, alleged that the swami has been for the past year trying to break up the marriage between the plaintiff and his wife, and that Yogananda prevented the plaintiff's wife from having proper care during the pregnancy of her child.

Moreover, Chowdbury alleges that the swami teaches that: The members of the congregation must not get married because their first love must be to God through Swami Yogananda and that if they should be married that their first loyalties are to Swami Yogananda and not to their spouse.


Picturing highly irregular practices in the cult quarters on Mount Washington, the plaintiff declared that the swami has young girls in the immediate vicinity of his room going in and out all hours of the night.

The younger girls are kept segregated from older women, Chowdbury charges, adding:

Young girls have free access to the rooms of said Swami Yognanda and that said Swami Yogananda forbids said young girls who attend him from going out with other men and forbids them to go out at all except with him.

At his Encinitas palace, Chowdbury charges, Yogananda maintains caves and rooms for meditation that are not in keeping with the standard of religious meditation...and that the places of mediation are too secretive and ornate of construction to be used for the purpose of spiritual mediation, all of which is contrary to spiritual practices, contrary to Hindu philosophy and contrary to the purposes and objectives of the partnership.


Changing from the romantic to the mercenary tack, Chowdbury declared that the swami has used contributions from his cultists to foster his ambitious and private ends. The plaintiff accused the swami of using the teachings of Yogoda and Hindu Philosophy for the sole purpose of creating a personalized interpretation of defendant Swami Yogananda as a divinity...so as to force upon the members of the congregation and others the interpretations that God talks only through Swami Yogananda.

Chowdbury said yesterday that while a graduate student at Harvard he met Yogananda, who then was lecturing in the East, became interested in the swami's teachings, and was made a partner with the swami in the cult only to be frozen out last January, after the long-haired cult leader had transferred his interests from the East to Los Angeles, where he is said to have attracted as followers scores of Los Angeles women and girls.


After the freeze out, Chowdbury said he became convinced that Swami Yogananda was engaged at all times in a purely commercial venture for the purpose of his own personal gain, and that his activities had no connection with the true Hindu Self-realization philosophy.

At the cult headquarters, a crisp young woman attache reported that the swami is due back today. He lectured in San Diego Monday night, she said.


entheogenesis Lieutenant Commander Posts: 7 (2/9/04 10:14 pm) Reply Re: Newspaper Articles on Yogananda --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[Newspaper clipping from another Los Angeles newspaper.]

Wednesday, October 25th, 1939


Even the benign and almost imperturbable calm of a swami has its limits. Last night as Swami Yogananda returned here to find himself facing a $500,000 damage suit filed by Rihad Ranjan Chowdhury [Sri Nerode], who claims a partnership in this Mount Washington cult of Self Realization headed by the swami, that limit was reached.

The dirty chiseler, the swami exploded. The Hindu mystic who returned here from a lecture engagement in San Diego where he had expounded the benefits of self denial and self control, regained some of his composure and went on.

The charges made against me are scurrilous and without foundation, the result of an underhand attempt to discredit me in the eyes of my followers, he said.

Chowdhury had been driven out of the flock because he was insincere and because he violated our rules. He married a white woman, which is directly forbidden in our laws.

In his suit however, Chowdhury makes it clear he wants to dissolve the partnership because, he said, the swami isn't exactly practicing what he preaches.

He alleged that in a luxurious suite on the third floor of the Temple of Self Realization, the swami keeps himself surrounded by a bevy of likable young ladies who have free access to his boudoir at all times---but aren't allowed to go out with other men at all.

Furthermore, while his flock exists dutifully on substandard diets in line with the self denial theory---the swami dines on the most luxurious foods, he charged.

Chowdhury said sadly that he wants no more partnership with Yogananda, and wants the $500,000 as compensation for the work he has put into the movement.

A. Brigham Rose, attorney for the swami, said he would go into court today and ask to have the sensational charges stricken from the complaint.


SWAMI RAM BEHARI LAL quote below,( disciple of Gharib Das, blind helpless sadhu whom followed Swami Ji as a self appointed successor mentioned in Beas books with Jaimal, small group.)l


Originally printed Sarai Rohilla, Delhi, India as TRUE and PRACTICAL DEVINE KNOWLEDGE


One who subdues passions, loves neighbors as well as strangers and is hospitable and kind even to non believers and raises his soul to the spiritual regions of NASUT, MULKOOT, JUBRUT and LAHUT, and enjoys the bliss of ISM-I_AZAM internally that MOHAMMAD did, is a true follower of MOHAMMAD.

So, does any one here think Mohammad was a Guru ?

Angel c. Jonathan Earl Bowser

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