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       This is the homepage of the band Myschevos Prymatez. We are a new band that is just forming and we are starting out by playing other songs by other bands. Many people ask us how we came up with the name. Well we couldn't think of a name so we opened up the dictionary and found these two words and here we are! We CURRENTLY have 3 people in our band. They are me (Andrew), David, And John. Andrew is the bass guitarist. John is the lead guitarist. David is the drummer. We practice when we get time since we go to school and stuff.

The Members

Our Links

  • David's Homepage - talks about David and his life
  • Andrew's Homepage - talks about Andrew and his life
  • The Official Limp Bizkit Page - News, links, forums, and more on the band.
  • The Blink 182 Site - A Site all about Blink 182
  • WWW.THETABSOURCE.COM - Over 20,000 Guitar and Bass Tabs. Links to other great sites.
  • Soon we will have a page done for all of our band members and we will have a gallery with pics of the band and their instruments. We will also soon have the lyrics to the songs that we have made and the tabs to those songs.