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The Pride of Clarkston is a Loyalist marching band based in Airdrie, Scotland. We play the first flute/blood and thunder brand of music which is prevalent amongst Loyalist flute bands.

The Pride are much in demand for Marches, Demonstrations, Church Parades, Social functions and band Competitions. If you would like to book the Pride, please go to our contact page. If you would like to hear the Pride play, check out our diary page.

We would ask that you please sign our guestbook before leaving the site, and send a greetings card from the Pride of Clarkston. If you have any comments on the look or content of this site, please e-mail the Webmaster.
The Pride will give due consideration to all invites received to play at Band parades. E-mail our secretary with details. pocbear The band currently has around 30 members. 20 fluters, 6 drummers, 2 bass drummers, and cymbalists.
drumcree church  This band supports the right of Orangemen to march their traditional routes in honour of their religion and culture. Support the Drumcree protestors.
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The Pride of Clarkston will be hosting a street parade in Airdrie on 24th May 2003 E-mail the Webmaster for details.
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Any viewpoints expressed in these web pages are the views of the webmaster, and not necessarily those of the majority of the band members. ie, if I was to say I was a bass drummer, the band members may not necessarily agree with that viewpoint.