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Upsala, UNT Nöje,

Stockholm, Svd, 31/3 1991

Stockholm, Aftonbladet, 30/3 1991

Uppsala, UNT, 31/3 1991

Nyhetsposten, 25/4 1991


Stockholm, Frida,

Norrköping, Östergötlands Dagblad, 26/9 1991



Uppsala, UD, 28/1 1993



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Aftonbladet, Puls



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A long time ago in the year of 1989, a band was born in Uppsala, Sweden. Hans Fröberg were the father, Palle and Jan were the first sons. They searched for competent musicians, and found Sören (me) and Rikard to complete the band.

Hasse named us "The Swing" for workname. After a year (1990) we found ourselves both solid and blue. We went "Solid Blue"

We "Solid Blue" needed a test of our abilities on a rock-scene. So we did a "test gig" at "Wiks Folkhögskola" in Dec 1990 (were I was hanging that year). We performed with a repetoar of originals blended with some highlights from the great book of Rock´n Roll.

A demo was sent to the Swedish contest Rock-SM" 1991, and `Solid Blue´ competed with 4000 other competitors. The Swedish television sent live from this, for us great moment. There were more than 2000 people seated at "Solna-hallen,Stockholm" and a big lot of TV-wiewers. And the prize was a record-contract and a chance to compete in a worldwide contest, were `Solid Blue´ came 2:nd in a semi-final done in Copenhagen.

Then followed a tour with Cia Lindberg who won the solo-class(Rock-SM 1991), and lots of gigs around Sweden. Among all events we did a 12-day tour in England, we´ll never forget.

Finally `Solid Blue´ released the album `Vol III´, named after the numbers of releases we would have done without the "help" from the Rock-SM´s leadership. The highlight demos are released as "Vol II", hopefully we can complete with the "Vol I" album. Could be a surprice for some of You...


Left- Solid Blue feat. Cia Lindberg "Sälen".

Center- Hans & Sören Rockin´the house "Norrköping".

Right- Soundcheck "Grönan/Stockholm".





LINKS to former members new projects:

Sören Cederberg appears in: INC BLUE

Hans Fröberg appears in: FLOWER KINGS

Rikard Zander appears in: EVERGREY

Hans Fröberg

Jan Olander

Rikard Zander

appears in: BARRELL HOUSE


***EXTRA (Juli 2004)EXTRA***


If You are interested for audition, please contact us, use this linkINC. BLUE.

All photos exept: Flower Kings, Barrell House and Evergrey are from my private album, except for Solid Blue Vol III cover by Jan Olander.
Solid Blue Vol II cover by Sören Cederberg.
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