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Welcome to the official Site for Nirvaan!!

When it comes to the music, Nirvaan is in control. Specializing in all genres of music from Soca and Reggae to Chutney and Hindi Film music, Nirvaan surpasses any and every other band. Based in Toronto Canada, Nirvaan is proud to be the first local band to release 5 cds (and accompanied many other artists on they're projects also) and win the second place position of the "best sounding band on the road" for Caribana 2001 and 2002. Appart from mashing up at Caribana and countless other shows throughout the year, Nirvaan has been the official band for the annual Toronto Federation of Hindu Temples grand Diwali Celebration which attracts more than 10,000 people anually.

Officially, Nirvaan is made up of 10members. On the Drums and Percussions: Pravine Balkaran and Shivo Mohabeer, on the Bass and Guitars: Roger Sookoo, Joe Spike and Joey Ajodha. The Brass Section include the Mc Intosh boyz: Godfried, Gordon and Ardon, as well as Dan Nancoo. And last but not the least, the keyboardist and arranger for the band: Ravind (Dr. Ravi )Sookhoo.

You can contact Nirvaan for Bookings or Cds at 416-714-6771 or Email: