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Homage to Naples


Well, I don't like people getting "fundamentalist" about their origins,
about their countries, or about their home towns,
it is just like those guys after their sport team, which is
the neglection of sport, the neglection of competition,
the neglection of living together.

So I won't say anything about my home town. I just feel I have to pay a tribute.

For the way I grew up there.

For what it showed me

Well, I should pay a tribute to all the other places
of the world where I spent my time,
but, you know, that is my home town ...


Market street Clothes Lines Cumaean Sibyl Cave Murales "Maradona" Street Fish-market
Fruit Market Salesman Walking Capri - "Faraglioni" Caravaggio
"Black Magic"
Veil Covered Christ Salvator Rosa Sunrise on Naples The God "Nile" Street Pizza Man

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