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Lyrics to Myndgames EP

MYNDGAMES EP 1.)SUFFER VERSE 1: Blood in my eyes, I try to wipe away the pain, Everyone dies, enough to drive a man insane, I spin around, and hit the ground, but nothing matters anymore. I tried so hard, and got so far, just to find myself on the floor... CHORUS: Why, can't I crawl, I tried so hard, just to suffer,. Life's little game, makes this pain, more to suffer. SUFFER!!! SUFFER!!! SUFFER!!! Why can't I fell the love again... VERSE 2: Mud on my feet, and footsteps found on glass, Glued to my seat, this feeling has to pass. My mind is lost, with little cost, but nothing matters anymore. You solved the plot, and now i'm caught, and stuck here on the floor. REPEAT CHORUS 2.)FADES AWAY VERSE 1: Digging, deeper into my fears, what I want to hear, is always deaf to me. Screaming, ringing into my brain, it's driving me insane, nowhere is where i'll be. Shattered dreams, and fainted screams, are all that makes me. Broken doors, and paingful sores, are all i'll ever see. CHORUS: I've been around for way too long, and know enough to see it's wrong. I just killed off my soul, so I could feel my mind slipping, And it fades away... VERSE 2: Falling, deeper into my mind, always a step behind, is where I want to be. Knowing, i'll never past the test, you'll always be the best, is slowly killing me. REPEAT CHORUS: X2 3.)GOODBYE VERSE 1: I awoke to hear the rain last night, Blinded by the flashes of light. It reflects how I feel inside, The darkness that I tried to hide. CHORUS: Fire, burning into my soul, screaming out of control, drowning out all my fear, it's all I can hear. Liar, telling me to stay cool, do I look like your fool, I had enough of your lies, and your alibi's. It's time to say goodbye... VERSE 2: I spoke to hear my voice again, Didn't comfort the sadness within, It just shows who I really am. Not like you really give a damn! REPEAT CHORUS: 4.)HANGING ON VERSE 1: You had to leave me hanging on, What made you think I was this strong? Emotion following my fears, Only helps to bring more tears... And even though i'm here alone, I feel this pain that's all my own. Saddened by the feelings I knew I carried all along. CHORUS: Leave me here to wait for you... And all the things you put me through... Falling into little holes, But that's just how life always goes, I guess I can't keep hanging on for you... VERSE 2: You had to keep me thinking of, all your happiness and love. You couldn't help myself from crying, I wouldn't stop myself from trying. From all the things you never told, turning lead to solid gold Thrown away from all the games of mental push-and-shove. REPEAT CHORUS: X2 5.)INSTRUMENTAL

NOTE. All the lyrics are reprinted by permission, courtesy of Myndgames.
All songs written by Jimmy Ash. All songs are copyrighted and trademarks of Myndgames.

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