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As most people can tell, Angelfire/Lycos has become the land
of the nuclear pop-ups and ads.  It's ridiculous.  I sincerely apologize
for the ugliness this turns my site into.  Speaking of this site, I'm really not
sure how much longer I'll own the domain name, so make sure
and bookmark the actual address of this mainpage:

Also, any MFS fans that are still around must
know of the new home for Drue's music:

In other news, I have my very own website now.  I'm hoping
to archive this MFS site and host it there, thus avoiding
the disgusting ads/pop-ups this site is now plagued with.
If and when I do that, I'll be sure to link to it from here.

In the meantime, click the picture below to
enter my original creation in tribute to MFS...


All original content copyright Derek Knisely.  All "official" images, lyrics, and songs copyright Drue Bachmann.


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