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New demo out!! Our new demo, "MiNDFLiP 2000" is out, but in limited quantity. Our $$$ situation is hard right now, but we will have plenty to give out on the 29th Leonardo show. Contains...(Figure Father and Consciouslessness) recorded and mixed by us, and Room, which was recorded live at Birch Hill nite club. Order yours now!
Now that we've gotten some of our new songs on tape, we're waiting to record (professionally) all of our songs. We'll be stepping into the studio sometime in late May, but we're taking our time to make this sound prime. Hopefully it will be out by mid-July, but no release date has been set. Keep checking back here or get a hold of us for more details.
Casey Eastmond masturbated in a public bathroom and flogged a duck last week. No authorities saw, but we figured we'd let you know.
In other news... Force of Aggression has finished the recording of their full length. I have listened to a few tracks and can tell you that the entire CD is gonna be sick! Visit their web site for full details and info on how to get your paws on one.