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Bubble In The Vein - What do ya do? And how do you cope? When everything is shit.So long, I've waited so long and now i know that I'm strong and I can't think for myself. Of course I'll take you home And you can have the rest of my soul Because the life sucks Hey Dear, How you doing? "I'm fine!" Cause I'm gonna be running from the bubble for the rest of my life (Chorus) The voices fading when will I wake up? From the bubble, the bubble, the bubble in the vein.

Figure Father - You are it Its right, but I cannot hear you You don't talk no loud This time, but I don't understand in all the sights that I see You are not the one to be looked up to I am the son here that you left Death in my sleep I'm losing rest Caught up in my body and then my soul I will become the better man Doing the best all that I can Causing your ubrupt move to be full of fear This on'es for you From your kids We won't stand for your bullshit This is the family you've lost Left at your one and only cost Cannot cause all our fear to fall all the same Call me a dope or what you will Yours are the shoes that I will fill Better than you ever could or ever did. (Chorus) You are gone I will be your I will see your I will fill your I will kill your will While I lay here wide awake I see how your love was fake Fake, forgotten love Fake, so difficult This one's for you from your son I own you I won't stand for the life was fuct I own you! No love for you, figure father