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Long before any television, any automobile, any 99 cent menu, there were the blueprints of insanity. The blueprints, although often denied, have always been present in our world, but we try to shut them out with sitcoms, newspapers...normal things. But even if you tried, you cannot escape the inner most crutches from the cripples of lunacy your mind has pushed aside. From this very branch of the human brain, comes the music that would be called Mindflip.
Hailing from the centralized location of Jersey Mindflip has been around the block. Going through one major adaption ( we miss you Durko ) with the handing over of guitars, and some minor hangovers, Mindflip has been partying for almost three years. The, up until recently, four decided that another guitar would be needed in order for the listener's mind to be totally flipped. Adding a second guitarist was the last step Mindflip made in completing themselves. And complete they are.
Mindflip brings together the black and white that equal grey. They combine the humor of living with the depression of death. Melody and aggression, two things which at once held opposites, now blend to make a rather disturbing taste in your brain. Take a listen for yourself. You'll see that those thoughts of yours aren't so crazy afterall.

The surgeons:
Mike Hicks : Bright Side
John Uhl : Dark Side
Steve Chadwick : Low Rhythm
Casey Eastmond : Beats
Andy Derhay : Thoughts