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Open your mouth!!!
show and record reviews

and site updates

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new stuff...

  • Through the Discipline
  • Fight to Survive (final show)
  • Death Threat
  • Full Blown Chaos
  • Quibron's final show
  • Next 2 Last
  • Undefeated (San Diego)
  • GFY
  • Carved in Stone
  • Denied
  • Six of Fire
  • Weapon of Choice

    if anyone wants to contribute material to this site, please e-mail me. write record/show reviews, articles, interviews, scene reports, anything at all...

  • READ THIS!!!
    How's everybody in the hardcore world been the past few months?.. Some of you may have already noticed that I havn't updated this site in quite a while, and wasn't planning on updating ever again. Alot of bands have tried to contact me with concerns about the site and I have turned them away. Due to the overwhelming response I have been getting recently with this site, I might want to keep it going.

    Since I am not able to make it out to shows very much, if at all, I need people to actually submit some material. Depending on the response I get from this, I will determine whether it is worth it to keep this site going. thank you.. e-mail any stuff to
    ---Chico FFD

    Alas.. it has been a couple of weeks and no response.. It looks like this site is going to join the millions of other trashed sites that clutter up the web.. sorry about that.. i still may change my mind.. so send your shit anyway...peace

    check out the new Behind the Sun Website.. they are a great new band from Jersey and they have a new cd out now..

    this entire site as well as all of my websites were created in html written from scratch in notepad...Graphics are done with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Java..if anyone is interested in an affordable web design for any type of site.. E-mail me


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