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Marching to the Beat of the Drum

Why some people don't march to the beat of the drum:

...they hear another drum
...they are staying in step with the person infront of them who is off step
...they are avoiding horse crap
...they are hauling butt uphill to a snare going a zillion beats per minute.
...they are splashing water on their neighbor from a puddle
...They are trying to do a gate turn, play, and stay in step all at once.
...They actually want to get a note out of their instrument instead of just staying in step.
...They are just plain weird
..."That is one flat squirrel!" Everyone turns to look and gets off step.
...They are making cracks at the cheerleaders.
...Guys are slipping in their own drool.(due to the cheerleaders infront)
...Someone took a picture with flash right in their face and now they can't see where they're going.
...By the same token, they forgot their sunglasses and cannot see.
...They are trying to adjust their flipfolder which somehow only has one ring on it now.
...They're dyslexic.
...The percussion section took the day off and there is no drum.
...The mace slipped out of the drum major's hand and nailed someone.
...(After the above happens) people are trying to avoid tripping over the body.
...They decided it would be more fun to chase the mascotr down the street.
...They are off bribing the judges.
...Somebody yelled "Band reset!"
...They are too cool to march to the drum
...a disgrunteled student and a banana. Don't ask.
...and the ultimate reason why people don't march to the beat of the drum...

...the halt command was given and the percussion section never got it!