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Band Laughs

Concert Band

I'm seriously short of time these days, what with a full time job, a husband and a 2yr old. (A lot can happen in a few years huh?) But do to popular demand I will try to contine to update. Hopefully, now that my schedule won't be as crazy and I'll be spending more time in Alumni Band I'll have more material. I actually do have an interesting Band Genetics idea, but that will have to wait a bit. Until then! Here's a HUGE list of instrument jokes. (For those of you patient folks who've been waiting to see their own section.) It's linked to the trombones, but just scroll up and down, it's all there. Thanks for your many comments in the guestbook! --- 4/14/06

Symphony Orchestra
Basic personality types of your symphony orchestra.

How tokeep your Conductor in line to get kicked out of band.

Band Wars
The Star Wars scripts re-written for band.

Flute Jokes

Clarinet Jokes

Sax Jokes

Trumpet Jokes

Trombone EVERYTHING else!

Funny pic.

Weapons of Mass Disruption
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Marching Band

You know you've been in Marching Band too long when...
Ways to tell if you've been in marching band too long.

Another 24 indicators of too much Marching Band.

Marching to the Beat
Why some people just can't seem to stay in-step.

My Band's Dictionary
Every band has it's own dictionary where every day words go a little...weird. Here's mine.

You know you've been in Husky Band too long when...

Some ways to tell if you've been in HMB too long.
Some traditions of the Husky Marching Band.

The Band
Mulder and Scully investigate The Band.

Band Culture
One of my anthropology assignments was to record a conversation and look at it in the light of it's culture or whatever. I found it very...amusing!

Falling over in Riverdance
This was a submission sent to me a long time ago that I hadn't had time to put up. But! It does prove that I do put up things eventually! It's quite funny and anyone who's marched for a while will understand completely!

Who am I and what am I doing?!
Just a brief run down for you copyright types if you get miffed about seeing your stuff here that I haven't given you credit for. Directions for how to do this.

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